About Phil

Life began in Hawaii (don't remember a bit of it) followed by moving to various states in the South and Middle America. Except for homework, loved being a kid. Did not want to grow up. Cried at six years old when dad said it would happen someday. He was right. It happened . . .  

. . . dishwasher, factory worker, city directory knock-on-doors data taker, shoe department manager, men's clothing salesman, second lieutenant, copy editor on two newspapers, corporate communicator, communications business owner, writer. 

(Side note: I was the only dishwasher who drove a late-model Cadillac to work.)

Along the way, got married, got kids, then dogs and sixteen other kinds of pets (not all at the same time). Final touchdown in Texas.

Through everything, the one great undercurrent was reading for pleasure--cereal boxes, comics, newspapers, magazines, books. In fact, the best thing about getting out of college was finally being able to read what I wanted.